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The time is now, right now that we all need to think of our future here on Earth and of the part we all play in that future.

My purpose is to help as many people as possible to understand what this means. It is not hard, nor impossible for everyone to expand their consciousness and to join forces with those of higher dimensions in order to bring about a brighter world.

We on this Life Support Ship called planet Earth are responsible for its well being and its ability to support life in all its forms.

If we fail, we cease to exist as human beings. We may, and will continue to exist but on other planetary bodies that are not so beautiful or diverse. Our souls will not die and will continue.

I try to teach how to reach other dimensions and connect in a very real way with Master Souls and other interplanetary beings.

I do this in a variety of ways through workshops for channelling, meditation and mediumship.

As an introduction to these workshops I lecture, give readings and hold channelling sessions all over the world.

Discover for yourselves how wonderful it feels to be awake

A Message from Spirit

May you always hold kindness in your soul,
Compassion in your heart,
Gentleness in your actions,
Truth in your words,
And wisdom in your thoughts,
so that you may be effective
and as a shining light wherever you tread.
May the effect of your touch be comforting
and a healing to those who have a need.
May you hold goodness of all life in your Being.
Then your journey through life will be worthwhile.

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