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Being Human - coming soonBeing Human

BEING HUMAN shows how it is possible for you too to have an awakening to a higher purpose. All that is needed is meditation and a desire to make a difference in the world. Read BEING HUMAN and discover for yourself how this has worked for Shirley and how it may work for you.

Shirley is taught through communication with Space Brothers, The White Brotherhood and guides who lead her into the unknown. This is a true account of astounding experiences concerning the future of planet Earth. Through them, she crosses time, enters space stations, and learns of their purpose.  The Galactic Federation are assisting us to become more than we are. The Earth is in crisis. We risk an undesirable future for the planet if we do not listen. BEING HUMAN shows that we are children of interplanetary beings.

Do not disappoint yourself and get this staggering story now.  

A short excerpt:

Rainbow Bridge  

I stoop down and squeeze through the low entrance into the dark interior. It is very black. I can’t see anything at first but as my eyes adjust I notice two children on the far side, a boy and a girl.  They are in front of a group of children all staring wide eyed in my direction. They are nervous of me, the stranger. I don’t think they have seen a white person before. They crouch against the far wall of the hut.  There are no adults, just children. I don’t try to reassure them for they wouldn’t understand. Instead I sit down cross-legged in the centre of the earthen floor and wait. I wait for curiosity to get the better of them. A long time passes.  Eventually they struggle up from where they are huddled together and begin to come nearer. I see they are both maimed. They were not born like that. One is minus a foot, the other one minus an arm. They are not in good shape. They slowly edge towards me, eyes big and round.  Because I do not move they feel more confident, but are still nervous. I try not to look directly at them because it is too confronting. I look at the ground and watch them out of the corner of my eyes.            

I wait and try not to breathe too loudly. After what seems to be an age I slowly and carefully hold out my hand. I look at them and smile. They are still not sure. I keep my arm extended. The little girl hesitates but bravely stretches out to feel me. She touches my skin to see if I am real. She explores my fingers with an emaciated hand. She begins to feel me with more confidence and touches my arm and shoulder. Because I don’t move she comes closer and tentatively strokes my face. The smell of her damp skin and the dirt on her body wafts over me. The little boy watches and doesn’t want to be outdone by his sister. So he too comes forward to prod me with one tiny finger. He soon becomes bolder, for clearly I am not going to harm them. He moves in a circle around me feeling my clothes, my hair and skin.            

After a while they both allow me to open my arms and give them a hug. I draw them close to me and rock their little bodies of skin and bone back and fore. They start to cry, a whimpering sound. Then they begin to sob. The sobbing gets louder and more heart-rending, deep, deep sobs from the very core of their being.            

 I look up and find that adults are there after all. They have heard the crying of the children and have come to see what has caused it.  They ought to be used to it by now. My mind tells me they are not used to it for when there is deep suffering there is no crying. There is silence and patient resignation, a state beyond crying. I look up and smile to encourage the men and women as they stand hesitating in the doorway. They soon come inside the hut, as many as can crowd in.            

They see that I too weep with and for the children.  I don’t know what I can do here, except to be here and give them something from the outside world that isn’t going to hurt them.  This is a place that is not reached by the International Aid programmes. This is an area that is hidden and not reached by the outside world. I ask for spiritual guidance to see if I can bring some hope, some light into their existence by being their contact. I ask for the Rainbow Bridge that has been suggested to my mind to reach down to this place, and for it to be a bridge for the angels and to be covered with the light so that these children can travel the bridge when they wish. I ask for something better for them.  The reply is that I am to take them when it is their time and lead them to the rainbow bridge and encourage them to go over it into the arms of the angels.

What Readers Say:

Hi Shirley,

Lorna Hedges commented on your status.

Lorna wrote: "really loved Being Human and Beyond the Stairs is helping me to understand so much more...thank you xx"

Lorna Hedges

Synchronistically I started reading Being Human last Friday.  I immediately loved it and have to tell you I laughed out loud again and again.    I found so many of the interactions between you and your guides to be quite uproariously funny.   I have bought about 30 books in the last two years and I think I have only finished 2 of them.  The last one was Steven Greer’s Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge.   I am already about 25% thru yours in just one weekend.   One effect it has had on me is to make me want to do more to make a contribution to the world Ascension process.   Your own dedication to your goals and those shared with your guides is admirable.   I am waiting to see what your origin  was beyond the past lives you have mentioned.   I almost feel like I’m reading a detective story, watching the plot unfold.   My favorite books are spiritually biographical which fits the description of your book. 

Jerry Davidson, Boise USA

Hi Shirley,  

Wow what a read (Being Human) must say that I couldn’t put the book down and the content you have got in there with where we are all heading is pretty awesome to say the least.

Jess xx

'Being Human' is a lovely book, I am enjoying it tremendously!

Jo/x  Dorset.

Finished your book on Saturday – loved it. Tells me a lot more about you and your background – what a rollercoaster life – ups and downs. How dedicated you are to the work – how many people could just go to Brazil without knowing where, when why? – you have my admiration.

I agree that it was important to ‘tell the story of the story teller’ – as your publishers wished – this has established your background, the hard work you have put it and your right to have earnt the respect of spirit to do their work through you. The transcripts on their own would have read like a series of short stories before bedtime – the rest was needed.

It reminds me of the Quatrains of Nostradamus – a metaphoric look at the future without predicting it directly.

Paul - Bournemouth

Your book is amazing cant wait to read it all.  Angel Blessings   

 Truda  x

I have just finished reading ‘Being Human’. Absolutely loved the book.  I found it both fascination and inspiring. Shirley’s dry sense of humour when co9nversing with angels and the spirit world kept me amused throughout reading, some tears were wept over chapter on special children. A very caring and talented lady. I have read many books on readings from the spirit world, this was truly the best. Highly recommended.

Kay -  Bournemouth

Foreword By Mary Rodwell.
Author Awakening, Principal ACERN

As principal of ACERN, I run a professional resource and support center for individuals with multidimensional encounters, with non-human intelligences, such as, extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional beings.  The day we met, Shirley shared with me some of her extraordinary encounters.  This data resonated deeply with Shirley, as she told me of her own experiences, and how she articulates unusual languages at times, and has the understanding that she is an ‘interpreter.’  

In her book, Shirley speaks openly with great courage and honesty of her life experiences and her sometimes very painful challenging human journey.   

Shirley’s’ mind reach ‘process, led her into communication with transcendental s, inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial beings.  She is educated about her soul journey and her mission on this planet by ‘Communicators’ otherwise known as the White Brotherhood.  Shirley learns about the plans for planet Earth and the evolution of Homo sapiens with the ‘special children’ being born to help this planet evolve ‘the young ones’ and who will be teachers of humanity.

Through her ‘communicators’  Shirley is given information as to the future and how vital it is for all of us to think positively with love and compassion if we are to heal our planet. She is told’ you become what you think, and your world is how you think it to be!” An important message, to understand the nature of reality and how our thoughts create.  And to use our powerful thoughts to project love and healing to all life and Mother Earth itself.

Shirley has also been told by her guides they support us because we have been seeded by them and they are guiding us through our growth and evolution. Not to be fearful of them, this is so important, that we are not driven by the limits of our fears, because we are all one from the source.  

‘Osishoo ‘Being Human “You are our future as we are yours.’

Shirley’s book not only helps us to understand the interconnectedness we have with all advanced intelligences, but with the consciousness itself.  We are from the source and by going into our inner world we can re-connect to our higher wisdom which leads us back to ”source “which supports us and nurtures and guides human consciousness and our evolution as a species.

A wonderful book with great insight into the big picture, both with answers and understanding. It shows a process that can help everyone to connect with their inner being and the higher dimensional realms. It is a real pleasure to write this for Shirley who has so much wisdom to share; her book is another piece of the human jigsaw and helps us all to grow in consciousness together.

Mary Rodwell:
Author Awakening Principal ACERN

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