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Spirit Speaks - coming soonSpirit Speaks

My third book, Spirit Speaks, is now available.

Imagine how clever you’ll feel when someone asks you profound questions and you have the answers because you’ve read SPIRIT SPEAKS. Think how wise your friends will think you are. Be astounded when SPIRIT SPEAKS opens up your mind and helps you step beyond the box. Don’t delay! Have your very own guide at your fingertips with SPIRIT SPEAKS. This book TALKS directly to you.

SPIRIT SPEAKS gives a clear picture and answers many of man’s confusing questions about life and death. Step into the picture yourself and find enlightenment. You will be sought after as a good conversationalist on social occasions because you can speak with authority about the illuminating information gained from SPIRIT SPEAKS!  Subjects you will have answers to are meant to encourage debate and discussion. You will have knowledge that others are hungry for on subjects such as suicide, abortions, guilt and euthanasia, to name just a few!

Discover what SPIRIT SPEAKS has to say about mankind’s future on planet Earth.

Don’t wait to be amazed and delighted! Get SPIRIT SPEAKS now! You won’t be disappointed.     

It is uncomplicated and easy to read. Content is intriguing and yet covers everything from a basic level of understanding to those with a much higher awareness.

For those interested in a future existence this is a must have.

Words that describe this book are: Enlightening – inspirational-  thought provoking  - encouraging - astounding.


Spirit Speaks review by Helen Adams

Shirley Battie’s ‘Spirit Speaks’ is a wonderful, easy-to-read, thought provoking book.  Its straight forward, no-nonsense approach had me hooked from the word go!  If you have unanswered questions about life; the afterlife and the Universe, then this book is definitely for you.  It has certainly answered a lot of my questions and I am truly grateful to Spirit and Shirley for this.The book is wonderful and it has answered so many questions. I will definitely use it as a reference book from now on. I love the fact that the answers have actually come from Spirit. :-)

Sharon – Bournemouth

This book should be mandatory reading for everyone, and I especially would like it to be a textbook in our elementary schools.  Like a metaphysical encyclopedia or primer, it covers every spiritual subject that you can think of, and gives the reader a no-nonsense and easy to understand explanation of each topic.  I highly recommend Spirit Speaks for those who are just getting their metaphysical feet wet, and for those who are already waist deep.  I've been studying metaphysics for nearly 30 years and when I picked up this book, I thought, "Where was this wonderful book three decades ago?"  And …it introduced me to a couple of new topics that I'm going to research now.  Thank you, Shirley Battie, for writing this book and I'm looking forward to working with your Little Owl Cards!

Sherri Cortland - Orlando, FL

This book settled my mind on so many conflicting ideas going round in my head. At last I have clarity. Many many thanks.

Love Sheila – Bournemouth  

I always worried about what happens after I die. Now I am comforted and am not afraid any more.

Jim W.  Hampshire  

This book is like having you alongside me when I want to know something.  Great stuff! Keep it up.

Jenny -  New Forest UK  

 I take ‘Spirit Speaks’ with me when I go to a meeting or social outing. It has come in handy many a time. A good reference book.

Cheers,  Alan  UK  

 I am glad I bought this book. It is different to any other and is a good general but non technical ‘look it up’ kind of book.  Most useful!

Ken G -  Idaho    

Spirit Speaks got more interesting for me as I got further into the book. Initially it was stuff I already knew but this changed as the pages turned. Let’s have more soon.

Paul T.   Sydney  

Thanks for answering my doubts and questions on so many things.  I no longer feel guilty over some things that have happened in my life.

Julie Jersey C.I.

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